Wired vs Wireless Invisible Dog Fences

Hidden dog fence


There is no doubt that the popular invisible level fence for pets creative is a good approach for your pet to safely move in your property, but allow them to play freely, without continuous work in the yard, which is for sure, so it is important for wireless fences.

Wired vs Wireless Invisible Fence – Installation

Wired: The cable pets are relatively easy to install. The best method is to leave the grass and leaves slowly exposed. To hide the destruction or degradation of the garden, it is better to be enchanted, which usually means that digging is an equation. This can require a lot of work and time, with much higher quality. The border features are sometimes rectangular and barbed, along with the perimeter of the upper boundary, so the balance of the PET creates a safety zone. Tracks, tracks and various rigid structures that cross valuable circuits are followed by an apron. You must throw your hair with special cutting tools.


Wireless systems work with the causal link of the sender over the symbol above its radius. This circular security zone may not enter any corner of your property. The wireless system sets the limit everywhere. Can not create firewalls with a wireless system. Judgment: Cable gates simply protect hats on 25 acres; The restrictions are definitely limited to your imagination. Currently, wireless technology limits wireless coverage to hundreds.

The Wired vs Wireless Invisible Fence – Operation

Wired: durable features. The lower unit is protected only from small rooms and is therefore located in a garage or garden. Redesigning borders takes a lot of time and requires a lot of manpower, especially when the wire is buried. If you intend to convert your home or property (confirm the extension of the associated category, add the pool), the cable system is an obstacle. Very reliable. Through the network or after cutting the cable, the boundary wire never limits the signal and the system also works cleanly. But if the cable breaks down, there is a problem finding a place where the wire will stay.


The fine technology the lower unit must be discovered. The added risk of signal loss. In addition, the system loses the transmission signal if it is interrupted by a power failure. Alarm covers the area that prevents the exchange of information on the location of metal elements (aluminum shell or cube), equipment (TV, radio), near the wood or climbs and falls to the ground. If for any reason, the system fails, the animal will look like the right entry, even if it has not tried to cross the border.

Wired vs Wireless Invisible Fence

The most popular cable system installation specialists under their responsibility, the product specialists rely on wireless systems in the direction of the capabilities it offers, qualified trainers have facilitated wire fencing due to their accuracy and to make the boundaries of existing users, such as ease of mobility and wireless systems.


People seemed to think that it was simply the system that best answered the problems of these lists and maybe that might be critical for you. Create a fake affiliate wireless fence and get a system that checks all those fields.

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