Let Your Dog Walk You Into Shape

SU-Design-1509238764If you are like many of us today then you are probably being admonished regularly by your doctor, your spouse, and your belt buckle telling you that you need to exercise more often.  And you’d like to make your spouse and your belt buckle feel that you’re a little more fit, and get your doctor off your back.  The only problem is finding a way to do it without feeling like you’re back in basic training.  When I faced this concern, I found that the solution literally lay right at my feet.

You see my collie DeeJay was my constant companion; he rode with me when I went shopping, sat by the fireplace and watched me try to write. And slept at the door of my bedroom.  When I left for work each morning he’d nod goodbye, and when I turned the lock each evening he’d bark happily and bounce about while I fixed his dinner and ate my own.  On the day after my doctor said those dreaded words, “You need to lose some weight!  Get some exercise!”, DeeJay looked at me with an expression that seemed to say “Why you looking so sad?  Don’t you know I’ve been waiting for this chance ever since you brought me to this dump?” 

I finally grabbed his leash and we went out strolling down the avenue.  My original intent was to go to the store for a magazine.  But since it was a nice evening, DeeJay and I continued and before I knew it we were almost 3 miles from home.  That dog led me so far I wanted to turn him loose and take the bus back alone.  But instead we made the walk home.  I let him in and he went for his spot – and I headed for bed; I hadn’t made that kind of walk since I got out of the service.  From then on, each day after work, I’d put on my boat shoes from Sperry Top Sider – the ones I got for $50 off Read the rest..