More than a dog fence, it’s freedom safety

To view this article you must be in need for an electric fence to keep your dog contained with an invisible fence. Here is a fee guide to help you on how to install an in-ground electric fence in level with an invisible fence.  With the guide shows on the best and easy way to create a pet control fence- with a system where the dog wears a radio simply controlled electronically collar that shocks the do if he closes the perimeter.

Considering an invisible fence there is a lot you need to know; most of which the sales people won’t tell you. Usually the fences, collars are termed safe painless, and foolproof by the manufacturers. Indeed, offer a simple solution for situations where it’s hard to contain a dog with a real fence.

The invisible fences are never safe; they are not foolproof and indeed not painless.

How do you select a dog system?

You need first to select the system; this can easily be done by checking on the many dog fence reviews online for all the containment. Check on the pros and cons of each and get help finding the best system for your dog. You can choose from wireless dog fences– the wired system not good.

More than a dog fence, it's freedom safety

Install the dog fence

Now that you have your dog fence! You start by designing a layout of the fence system, setting the boundary perimeter so that they keep you dog away and out of trouble, but still giving them plenty of room for play.

Get an expert help with run a non-correcting twisted wire to offer a complete access to the yard. Run the dog wire along the perimeter and it’s easy with help to show you how to bury the wire easily. You can also checkout our top article here. There is still the no burry solution where stapling the wire to the ground or running it along the fence line including the driveway too.

Train the dog

With an invisible dog fence you need to let you dog know the new boundaries- train the dog. In two weeks’ time, ten-minute sessions teach the dog to associate the boundary closing with unpleasant sensation of correction. In the end visit this link: here for more to read. Use the first week to introduce the dog to the system focusing on letting him know how to respond to the warning tone- train the dog to turn and retreating from the border line.

In the next week focus on correction training by teaching the dog of the consequence of disregarding the warning tone. The last few days of the training test the dog compliance by using the dog’s biggest temptations to ensure they fully observe the warning.

Finally, introduce the dog to off leash time in the boundary and observe their reactions. With a full training, the dog is safe and well contained. After two weeks remove the flags and the dog will easily remember the boundary, still let the dog k now it can safely cross the boundary if you give them permission. We know the tips and tricks to make an in ground dog fence job easier and cheaper.


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