Discover The Different Training Aids You Can Use Such As A Wireless Dog Fence

dog owners love their pet

The vast majority of dog owners love their pet and only want the best for it. During the animals life, we can spend thousands of dollars on it, and that does not include any vet bills. When they puppies they are much easier to train that if you get an older dog, although regardless of the age, some dogs will pay little or no attention to what you try to get them to do. For these dogs, it is often important to use a training aid to teach them what it is you want them to do. There are many training aids on the market these days such as a wireless dog fence and toilet trainers.

Dog Agility Training

A lot of people love watching dogs on TV that are running up and down see-saws, weaving in and out of poles, and numerous other tricks. Well, the good news is that it is relatively easy to train a dog to do this kind of activity. Dogs, as you well know, love to play, and so if you treat this activity as play, then they will pick it up quickly as long as they are enjoying it. The main thing is to purchase the correct agility training aids. Once you have them it is just a case of starting your dog off slowly with say three poles, and each time it gets it right give it a treat.

Dog Anti-bark Solutions

Apart from annoying the neighbor’s, dog barking can get the owners nerves as well, and there is no reason for a dog to bark apart from what is a natural instinct. When a dog is barking for no reason, it is because the owner has not taught it that it is wrong. If this isn’t installed in the dog when it is a puppy, it can be a longer process to get it out of the habit. However, it is possible, and these days we have electronic anti-bark devices to help. They automatically sense when a dog is barking and give it a very mild electric shock. This is perfectly safe, it does not injure the animal, but it will give it an irritating tingling in its neck.

Some people will say that these devices did not work on their dog.

However they can take a good few weeks before they start to show results in some dogs, so be patient. Eventually, the dog will learn to associate the annoyance of the electric shock with barking, and so it will do it less and less, and eventually top. After that, it will only bark when it is essential. Once you know the dog is now trained you can remove the collar.

Wireless Dog Fence

The wireless dog fence is a relatively new device that teaches your dog the boundaries of where it can and cannot go. For instance you may want to prevent the dog from entering the garage area, so you would put the collar on the dog, and set up the invisible fence across the garage entrance. As soon as the dog crosses this invisible barrier it will suffer a similar shock to that included with the anti-bark device, and it will soon learn to avoid that area. The dog fence device is also great for putting up boundaries on your property to make sure the dog does not get out into the street. The further a dog moves out of the controlled area, the more intensive the wireless dog fence shock will become, and this automatically forces the dog back the way it here for more details!

Dog Chewing

One way to start teaching a dog to stop chewing is to watch it all at the time, and as soon as it goes for something stop it, give the dog a definitive ‘NO’, and then put the dog in its bed. This technique is not instant, but the dog will eventually associate chewing with instantly going back to bed, and that means no play that it does not like. You can also purchase deterrent powders and sprays to put on things to want it to stop chewing.

Dog Training Crates

There are some different dog training crates available, but they are all used for similar things. When you move into a new house, you may want to use a dog training crate in the garden until you are sure that the dog has become used to the new environment. You can also use them to prevent them from chewing things by putting them in a dog training crate as punishment.

Clickers and Whistles

People use clickers and whistles to teach dogs to do things on command. You may want the dog to heel while you are walking, and a double click can be the signal the dog uses to do that, then another double click could make it stock and sit. It is all down to how you go about training it, there are plenty of videos on the internet on how to do this.view more information now:

dog owners love their pet

There are various other training aids for dogs such as toilet training, recalling, fetching and muzzling. Dog training is not a complicated science, anyone can train a dog, but it is how you do it that many people get wrong, and so the dog ends up not doing what you wanted it to do. If you give out the wrong signals to the dog then it will pick up on them, so as a trainer you also need to learn how to give out the right signals.

If you really want to teach your dog new tricks, or teach it to stop doing things, then you really need to put in the time and effort. By only being half-hearted the dog will pick up on this and will not show much interest in what it is doing either. This means that you then think you are training the dog, while all the dog is doing is just humoring you rather than learning anything. Using devices such as a wireless dog fence can make the job of training a dog so much easier.

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